Why should a club get involved with Sport4Refugees?

The club shows the flag with a specific and visible contribution to people who are in need and have fled to Switzerland through hostile circumstances.

The club supports the society in coping with the arriving refugees.

The club creates integrative structures that are open to people regardless of their origin.

The club can participate in fundraising events or even receive awards as a thank you for its exceptional commitment.

What can a club do for refugees?

The club can have responsible people trained and agree to host at least three refugees.

The club can mobilize its members and thereby set up its own fundraising campaign or provide accommodation for refugees.

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Partner organisations

The ASVZ provides refugees with easier access to sport and exercise. They come into contact with the people and culture of Switzerland in an informal atmosphere and can experience carefree moments through sport.
Logo Coubertin meets Dunant
With the Refugee Programme, Coubertin meets Dunant offers young people who are passionate about sport and who are recognised refugees in Switzerland or abroad an ideal training access to reach the performance level to participate in a World Championship or Olympic Games. The Coubertin meets Dunant Foundation aims to demonstrate that the lives of young people can be enriched in a sustainable way through sport and education, with the aim of developing positive values such as passion, courage, resilience and inspiration.
Logo Handball Schweiz

The SHV supports the "sport4refugees" project. Handball clubs are thus given the opportunity to easily integrate people who have fled to Switzerland into the handball community.

Logo Kids Triathlon by Nicola Spirig
After her Olympic victory in 2012, Nicola decided to use her Olympic gold medal to inspire and excite children about sports. She founded the "Nicola Spirig Kids Cup", a children's triathlon series consisting of several events in Switzerland. The triathlons are open to all 5 to 13 year olds, are designed to be fun and exciting, and are intended to motivate children to lead an active lifestyle.
Logo Rotary Bern

The Rotary Club of Bern uses its network to find a nearby club for people who have fled to Switzerland that matches their interests.

Logo Swiss Ice Hockey
Swiss Ice Hockey is standing behind Sport4Refugees. In a letter to all its clubs the federation presented the project and made them aware of the opportunity to register if a club is open to welcoming refugees interested in playing hockey.
Logo Swiss Squash

Swiss Squash provides refugees and asylum seekers - regardless of their origin - with contacts for playing and training opportunities. Often these contacts help the refugees and asylum seekers for other life situations.

Logo Swiss Volley
Swiss Volley (Swiss volleyball federation) started its own offering for Ukrainian refugees last year. Sport4Refugees is joining this initiative and is connecting registered refugees with participating clubs.

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